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Key Features

Simple, clean and intuitive. A web-based platform providing a silo agnostic approach.
Everything we do is specifically designed with patient and healthcare professionals in mind, regardless of care setting, location or organisational boundary.

Visual barometer

Provides a real-time Early Warning System, enabling health and care professionals, at all levels, to see where pressures are building long before a crisis strikes. Turning the reactive into proactive.

Joining things up

Available to healthcare professionals, patients and carers alike - the ability to create manage and link resource bookings, appointments and even transport across any number of locations removes much of the manual complexity currently endured.

Resource & service locator

When it comes to post-acute care or repatriations, the challenge for Health and Care and professionals is efficient location and coordination of the appropriate resource. Equally for patient, locating the approapriate services, regardless of geogrpahy is streamlined

Monitor & Perform

Measuring and monitoring the things that actually matter. From arrival, initial triage and length of wait through to acute adimissions, length of stay, patient delays, discharges and events beyond the hospital setting

Broader visibility

Whether its capacity, availability of assets across any number of locations or Regional Trauma Networks coordinating multiple hospitals during a 'real' major incident, real-time visibility remains paramount for effective patient flow, reduced patient delays and overall efficiency at the local, ICS or system levels.

Key features

Providing a broader, more joined up approach to the patient journey. Each VIDIMO feature is specifically designed to reduce manual overheads, improve effciency and enable more intelligent ways of working across health and care boundaries - There really is something for everyone.

  • Electives/OP Appointments scheduling
  • Universal waiting list monitoring
  • Resource scheduling and management
  • Universal resource locator
  • Hospital Early Warning Systems
  • Universal capacity monitoring
  • Collaborative Delay management and monitoring
  • Operational metrics
  • Transport & Patient Transport Services

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Real-time coordination and collaboration across multiple locations, provides a seamless, efficienct transition from one environment to another, including Patient delays, Mental Health, Ambulance, Hospices and other care locations.
This also comes complete with a suite of real-time Management features for Trasnsport & Patient Transport Service Team to stay on top of all requests.

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Adult Social Care

Bringing local authorities together in a digital sense and in-synch with Acute Trusts, facilitates better planning, timely patient discharge and reduced delays whilst nmaximises the use and visibility of all available assets managed through brokerage teams removes the manual overheads.

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Care providers

Beyond providing great service and care, one of the key components for provider success is use of technology to maximise efficiency and capacity. We're making scalable webtech available to all providers no matter how diverse or niche.

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Integrated Care Systems

ICS Brings a new demand on the health and care sector, the need for cross-silo monitoring, metrics, visibility and data for both tactical and strategic decision making. As a platfrom, Vidimo fulfills these needs in real-time. The same applies to Regional Trauma Networks, where a suit of digital tools enables a more dynamic approach to capacity and planning when 'real' major incidents occur

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