Helping Ambulance Services

Gaining real-time visibility of hospital status and capacity, across an entire city or wider geographical area, lowering the risk to patient and enabling ambulance crews to make best use of their time.
Removing the root cause for time costly redirects whilst helping to reduce lengthy waits is the right thing to do for both patients and ambulance staff.Learn more...

Reducing A&E congestion

Ensuring that patients presenting receive timely, appropriate levels of care at the right location and care setting is paramount to the efficiency of a health system. Providing Emergency Departments with intelligent tools helps manage, prioritise and direct growing patient volumes, helps reduce costly breaches and re-admits and allows for a more proactive approach.

Learn more...

Tackling patient delays

A single platform for both Health and Care enables monitoring, management and reduction of delays, delays that may well span multiple care organisations and settings. This approach is perfect for tackling winter pressures and allows real-time reporting at any level from single ward to regional, with no extra effort from front-line staff.Learn more...

Cross location visibility

The needle-in-the-haystack challenge - Providing care professionals and multi-disciplinary teams with the ability to locate an available bed, removing a lot of the unnecessary manual overheads of phone calls, speed-dialling, emails and constant chasing. Regardless of care setting, bed type or length of stay required, bed assets from ICU and Rehab to Respite, EMI, Mental Health or even Extra Sheltered can be located in seconds.Learn more...

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Vidimo A real-time collaborative platform for real-time operational challenges


Help ambulance Services

Gain real-time visibility of hospital status across an entire city or the wider geography.Remove costly redirects and reduce lengthy patient waits.


Reduce A&E congestion

Providing intelligent tools to manage and prioritise patients presenting more effectively and to reduce costly breaches and re-admits.


Tackle delayed discharge

A single platform for Health and Care to tackle and reduce delays through real-time collaboration - spanning organisational boundaries and care settings


Reduce manual overheads

Using technology to significantly reduce manual overheads means more time for patient, throughout every care setting.


Improving visibility

We believe visibility of bed assets, regardless of organisational boundary, care setting or geographical location is the key to better, safer patient flow.


Real-time collaboration

Every facet of VIDIMO is designed to improve collaboration between care settings by bringing care organisations together, in a virtual sense.

The VIDIMO experience at a glance - Simple, Clean, Intuative - CLICK BELOW

Example 1
Early Warning Systems At a glance Hospital status and capacity indicators support Ambulance Teams. Hospital staff pressures developing well before a crisis strikes. Automated escalations and notifications allow staff to remain focussed on patient rather than admin.
Example 2
Real-time Arrival information Allowing Emergency Departments and higher up the management chain to make real-time decisions, rather than weeks or even months after the fact. This means that the impact of actions is realised, measurable and monitored in real-time too.
thumb 3
The Patient Journey: Providing patient journey information on anything from LoS and Social Care assessments through to delayed discharge notifications, transport, porter bookings and beyond - delivered and visible across multuple care organisations and settings.
Major Incidents
Delay management: The ability for Health and Social Care to reduce, monitor and manage patient delays from a single web based platform regardless of patient location. Real-time break-down of duration, reason, cost and responsibility available at a click.

About us

Passionate and innovative in our approach, we work collaboratively with organisations to find effective solutions to big Health and Care challenges. Utilising our 20+ years experience in Health, Social Care and Information Technology, we strive to create and effect positive change by empowering organisations to collaborate and deliver more with existing assests.
If you'd like to hear more about VIDIMO, how it brings Health and Care organistions together 'in a virtual' sense, or hear about our emerging concepts on putting patient first, please feel free to contact us.

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